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The Track

NYST Track Map
NYST Track - Autumn

Track Info

Length – 2.1 miles
Turns – 18
Elevation Change – 450 feet
Hills/Drops – 7

All three of our 2022 Events will be held at New York Safety Track located in Jefferson, NY. The track features race grade asphalt, with a 40 foot wide race surface throughout, plenty of grassy run off areas and no armco! This track is more than what most people think of as just a “motorcycle track”.

NYST accommodates all types of cars from stock street cars to full prepared track cars. This track is ideal for drivers of all skill levels. Beginner drivers with little to no experience will find this track to be a great venue to learn the art of high performance driving, while more advanced drivers will find this track to be quite challenging.

The track is located within a 25-minute drive from the college town of Oneonta and is equidistant between Binghamton and Albany (less than an hour and half drive from either City). The track is within an easy drive from Syracuse, Metro NY, Northern NJ and the Northeast corridor of PA.

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