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All three of our 2022 Events offer the same basic format. We run four run groups during the day ensuring all drivers plenty of track time. Our goal is to provide a simpler, less intimidating experience to drivers new to drivers’ education all the way through drivers with a great deal of experience.

Run Group Definitions

Novice Group

The Novice Group is for beginner drivers with little to no track experience (0-4 track days). In-car Instruction as well as a well-developed classroom curriculum will be provided. Drivers in this run group typically drive street stock cars, helmets are required as well as a tech inspection.

Solo Run Group

Solo Run Group designations for all solo drivers. 

Solo Group 1 – Drivers with some track experience (4-10 days) who have soloed previously. Solo 1 drivers typically drive ‘stock’ cars with street tires, stock occupant restraint and some mild modifications. In-car instruction is provided upon request or as needed. Mandatory classroom instruction is provided.

Solo Group 2 – Intermediate level drivers with solo experience (10-16 days) driving street stock and or cars with some modifications to include R-comp tires, Race seats / harnesses, roll bar / cage, Hans or similar restraint. Coaching available upon request.

Advanced Solo are for drivers with extensive track experience with highly modified and or fully track prepped cars including R-comp tires, Race seats / harnesses, roll bar / cage, Hans or similar restraint.

Run groups will be chosen by the registrar based on personal experience or information filled out when registering for our events.  If there are questions please let us know;

Any solo driver must have been soloed prior with an accredited track day group (PCA, BMWCCA, Trackmasters, Chin, SCDA, NASA, etc…) and be able to provide additional information upon request prior to run group placement and confirmation.

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